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About Us

The mission of HONETi is to provide the best services, tools and components for our Partners to successfully implement any kind of e-enterprise, achieve their goals and cooperate with us for the years to come.

Company History

The year 2000 marks the beginning of our activity, though the HONETi brand has existed since 2008. We specialize in providing reliable solutions for e-business, game development and mobile development. Regardless of the area in which we operate, the most important measure of our effectiveness is the pursuit of our Clients' business objectives.


Why us?



23 years of



programming, UX,
design, 2D / 3D



rich expertise,
ideas, implementation,
care and maintenance



big base of
satisfied customers



perfectly matched
to the needs


First of all, Trust and Partnership

The best results are achieved in an atmosphere of trust. At the time when everyone pursues financial results, not forgetting about the long-term vision, based on regular customers and proven partners, is a big challenge. That is why we choose the path of development, based on a consistent deepening of knowledge and acquiring new skills, where customer satisfaction is more important than the maximum one-off gain.


We take responsibility for our work; that is why we are close to you, always ready to provide immediate help. It is important that none of our Partners or Co-workers feel left on their own. Only in this way can we gain long-term confidence. We are convinced that the most important determinant of quality is further orders from our regular customers.

Openness and Development

We are constantly looking for better ways to work, ones that are more efficient, more accurate, ensuring higher quality. We listen to the advice and suggestions, and treat criticism as an area that requires quick improvements. We believe that there is no point of perfection we could stop at. We build a creative environment for creative work. We focus on cooperation and the sharing of knowledge rather than rivalry.


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Client Stories

"It has been a pleasure working with Honeti in our production pipeline. They have been instrumental in the creation of some of our art assets, including characters, weapons, items, and props. They have demonstrated a speed and quality necessary to meet the stringent demands of a mobile game operation. We recommend Honeti based on their flexibility, speed, and quality in a competitive and growing environment."

Adam McMahon, Art Director@Ultrabit, Inc.

"I am very happy with the work that the Honeti team has delivered for our game,
it has been a pleasure working with these guys and I would love to recommend them to anybody in the industry."

Dungeon Hackers, Fat Sam Games

"We thank HONETi for fast execution of 3D models for printing and visualization of different products. Cooperation with HONETi from beginning to end has been successful. We recommend this company to anyone who needs services, graphics or 3D designer."

Rafał Grabowski, Rapidcrafting

"In HONETi we appreciate the fact that the implementation of new solutions takes place
easily and it is done at the highest level of competence. I would recommend HONETi as reliable and business partner."

Robert Lewandowski, Chairman Of The Board, EasySend

"In HONETi we appreciate the fact that the implementation of new solutions is at the highest level. I would recommend HONETi as reliable and business partner."

Mirosław Luboń, CEO, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sprzedaży Bezpośredniej

"On behalf of the Office of Legal Advisers Legalis we wish to express words of recognition for the professional execution of our internet service www.legalis.com.pl at the highest level within the prescribed time."

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski, Legal Counsel


HONETi may boast cooperation with globally recognized brands. Our portfolio contains orders realized for, among others:

During last 3 years, HONETi contributed to more than 100 companies. We have been trusted by, among others:


If you are a talented person, an enthusiast of programming, computer graphics or animation, and you are looking for interesting projects, you are welcome to join us.


Company info

Międzygwiezdna 2e/54
80-299 Gdańsk

Bank Account for PLN transfer:
IBAN: PL84114020040000380252140550

NIP: 719-143-73-25
REGON: 220581742